Y. Kohsaka, T. Miyazaki, K. Hagiwara
Polym. Chem.(Advanced Article)
DOI: 10.1039/C7PY02114C

Science and Technology Seminar
for High School Student (Japanese)
"Anvanced Materials by Polymer Chemistry:
The cutting-edge of plascitcs, textiles, and gels"

    2017.6.13 Prof. Kohsaka advanced to an Associate Professor.
    2017.8.25 Ms. Kazamai won a Poster Award by Tokai branch, SPSJ.
    2017.6.13 Mr. Nagai won a Poster Award by SFSTJ.
    2018.5.23 Prof. Kohsaka invited from SPSJ Annual Meeting.
    2018.4.7 Prof. Kohsaka won a CSJ Presentation Award.
    2018.4.1 3 new members joined our group.
    2018.1.17-180 Prof. M. P. Shaver (The University of Edinburgh, UK) visited our group.
    2017.12 Prof. Kohsaka was selected as Emerging Investigators 2018 by Polymer Chemisty (RSC).
    2017.11.17 Prof. Kohsaka made an invited lecture in CSJ Tohoku branch (Akita Univ.) 
    2017.10.27 Prof. Kosahaka made an invited lecture in National Defence Academy of Japan.
    2017.9.26-27 Group excursion to Numadzu and Izu. 
    2017.9.20-23 Prof. Kohsaka made a contributed lecture in IUPAC INternational conference on ionic polymerization 2017 (IP17', UK).. 
    2017.9.2 Mr. Homma received a poster award from SPSJ Tokai branch.
    2017.9.1-2 We hosted a symposiun for young scientists in SPSJ Tokai branch..
    2017.8.10 Mr. Ito made a presentation for his bachelor degree.
    2017.6.7-9 1 oral and 3 poster presentations in SFSTJ.
    2017.5.29-31 1 oral and 9 poster presentations in SPSJ..
    2017.5.21-24 Prof. Kohsaka made a lecture in International conference on Advanced Polymer Materials and Engineering (APME2018, Belgium).
    2017.4.1 4 new members joined our group.
    2017.3.24 Mr. Yamashita's farewell party.
    2017.3.24 Mr. Miyazaki won the award from CSJ Tokai branch.